We have developed a platform that can personalize millions of videos in seconds.

We improve digital performance through personalized videos based on data.

We impact the right user with the right video. At scale. Worldwide.



Personalized videos

Using Big Data and proprietary AI we can create a video for each user based on its profile.


Multi screen

We deliver the videos in any screen and adapt our videos to each type of campaign.
Display done
RRSS done
CRM done
Smart TV done
On Site done


Cost per view

Our final objective is to optimize our clients’ budgets. You only pay based on the viewed videos. No hidden costs. No setup fees.
CPV done

Dynamo.video in one minute.



We identify Third Party Data profiles and show them personalized videos that increase web traffic & Brand awareness, improve purchase intent and lead generation.


We identify First Party Data profiles and send them a personalized video that increases visit frequency and speeds up purchase processes and lead capture.


We use First Party Data and show them personalized videos that improves Brand engagement and reinforces purchase processes based on the data of the advertiser.


We collect navigation data from your visitors and show them personalized video sbased on their interests during his next visit. This helps speeding up purchase processes, cross-selling and up-selling.

How do we do it

Pricing model

Video generation

We automatically generate videos based on the advertiser data or supplied by a third party.

Videos are stored in our cloud platform waiting to be delivered via an adserver.


We find the spaces were your audience is and we show them the right video.

You only pay for viewed videos.

Who trust us

Who trust us

Who we are

Dynamo.video Team

We are a group on media planners, software developers, designers and marketing strategists specialized in video as an advertising support.

More than 120 years’ experience
Video specialists
Focused on results

Elevator pitch Dynamo.Video

How can we help?

Tell us about how our proposal can suit your objectives.

Call Alex at +34 936 115 466
or send us a message to info@dynamo.video.

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